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Latest Archived Articles


    Ramesh Kumar

  2. Mosix the Operating System that Support Multiple Cluster Environment with its Advancements & Features

    Rahul Rajkumar Pahlajani; G. R. Bamnote

  3. ILO Diagram: A Conceptual Model for Curriculum Development

    Preecha Tangworakitthaworn

  4. Advanced Hands Free Computing

    S. T. Patil; Snehal M. Chavan; Nileshwari R. Chaudhari; Pranali J. Patil

  5. Data Mining Technique its Needs and Using Applications

    Anup Arvind Lahoti; P. L. Ramteke

  6. Simulation of an RF MEMS Double-Pole Double-Throw Switch Using Novel Seesaw Design

    Mohammed Al-Amin; Sufian Yousef;Barry Morris

  7. Microblogging Opinion Mining Approach for Kuwaiti Dialect

    Janan Ben Salamah;Aymen Elkhlifi

  8. Combining METHONTOLOGY and a Model Driven Ontology Approach to Build an Educational Ontology

    Marlos Silva; Endhe Elias Soares; Evandro Costa; Ig Ibert Bittencourt; Heitor Barros; Leandro Dias; Douglas Véras; Alan P. Silva

  9. An Educational Hypermedia Tool for Recommendation of Relevant Topics of Study Supported by a Domain Ontology

    Elaine Harada Teixeira de Oliveira; Rosa Maria Vicari; Erika Handa Nozawa; Margarete Axt

  10. Development of Verification Tool for Minimal Boolean Equation

    Afaq Ahmad; Diede Ruelens; Saad Ahmad

Latest Indexed Journals

  1. Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Research (ISSN: 22496041)

    Publisher: Association of Pharmacy Professionals (APP)

  2. International Journal of Medical Science and Education (ISSN: 23484438)

    Publisher: Association of Scientific and Medical Education

  3. Arya International Refereed Quarterly Research Journal (ISSN: 2348876X)

    Publisher: Acharya Academy

  4. Urdu Scholars Ki Duniya (ISSN: 23205369)

    Publisher: Maaz Publications

  5. Scholars World- IRMJCR (ISSN: 23195789)

    Publisher: Maaz Publications


    Publisher: Zainab Arabian Research Society For Multidisciplinary Issues

  7. Academic Journal of Research in Economics and Management (ISSN: 23113278)

    Publisher: Zainab Arabian Research Society For Multidisciplinary Issues

  8. Lex Humana (ISSN: 21750947)

    Publisher: Humana

  9. International Journal of Physiotherapy (ISSN: 23488336)

    Publisher: IJPHY

  10. IEEE Technology and Engineering Education (ITEE) (ISSN: 15587908)

    Publisher: IEEE Education Society Student Activities Committee

Latest Added CFP (Call for Papers)

  1. Legal Issues in Dealing with Employees with Psychiatric Illnesses under the ADA

    Deadline: 2014-05-13 Event Date: 2014-05-13 Venue: Virtual Webinar, USA

  2. 2014 2nd Asia Conference on Mechanical and Materials Engineering (ACMME 2014)

    Deadline: 2014-05-25 Event Date: 2014-07-28 - 2014-07-29 Venue: Taipei, Taiwan

  3. 2014 International Conference on Control and Robotics Engineering (ICCRE 2014)

    Deadline: 2014-05-25 Event Date: 2014-07-28 - 2014-07-29 Venue: Taipei, Taiwan

  4. 2014 4th International Conference on Electronics Computer Technology ( ICECT 2013)

    Deadline: 2014-05-25 Event Date: 2014-07-28 - 2014-07-29 Venue: Taipei, Taiwan

  5. 34th International Society for Animal Genetics Conference

    Deadline: 2014-04-30 Event Date: 2014-07-28 - 2014-07-31 Venue: Xi'an, China

  6. 25th World's Poultry Congress

    Deadline: 2016-04-28 Event Date: 2016-09-05 - 2016-09-09 Venue: Beijing, China

  7. 26th World's Poultry Congress

    Deadline: 2020-04-28 Event Date: 2020-08-01 - 2020-08-05 Venue: Paris, France

  8. International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technologies

    Deadline: 2014-09-06 Event Date: 2015-02-05 - 2015-02-08 Venue: KIIT University, India

  9. International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications

    Deadline: 2014-01-13 Event Date: 2014-07-22 - 2014-07-25 Venue: Bangalore, India

  10. 2014 International E-Conference on Economy under sanctions

    Deadline: 2014-08-06 Event Date: 2014-09-22 Venue: Online, Online

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